Expand or Stump Creativity at Work?

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Now that tired and broken systems are falling, the stage is cleared for innovative incentives and a better place. Yet a Harvard Business School article today reminds us today that the competitive climates we’ve created literally shut down the creativity we could otherwise cultivate. Have you thought about what shuts off creative spigots in your brain? Perhaps more significantly – have you found wisdom to turn creativity back on?

You’ll find good neuro research to back the reality some very common trends simply cannot co-exist. Then, why choose an approach or two from the heap below – to trigger your day:

1. Venting cannot coexist with encouragement that leads people forward.
2. Talking is incompatible with listening.
3. Competing rarely engages creativity at the same time
4. Cynicism’s a rival to¬† thoughtfulness.
5. Tears get lost in a climate of laughter.
6. Anger fades out in the wake of calm responses.
7. Grief takes a back seat in hope’s presence.
8. Inadequacy gives way when a brain shifts to learning
9. Depression finds fewer strongholds when vision appears.
10. Conflict is swept away with differences welcomed.

What will you do today to turn frantic failures into a focused pathway toward creative responses with the brain in mind?

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  3. eweber Post author

    Thanks Marianna, and what a treat to see another BC person! I lived there many years and actually taught at UBC:-) Now a dual citizen – living in NY but often think of BC with much fondness!

    Thanks also for your thoughtful comments — so needed in current climate where stressors are high for many people!

  4. Marianna

    So true. Venting can often turn into a hurricane in no time whatsoever.

    Even when we shift the wording from “Brainstorming” to “Braincalming” by applying some techniques, creativity just bubbles up.

    Mariannas last blog post..Reverberational Effect

  5. Jeanne Dininni


    So glad Robyn linked to this post in her response to my comment at Brain Based Biz today! This post contains so much wisdom! If everyone would remember these 10 wonderful points and apply them to every activity, thought process, and relationship, the world would be a far better–and much more creative–place!

    Since I missed this post the first time around, I’m so glad to have the opportunity to catch it “on the rebound”!

    Thanks for sharing these gems of wisdom with us!

  6. eweber Post author

    Robyn, you build a good case for the need we have to reorganize the infrastructure to make a way for these emerging ventures! Thanks for extending this post to a deeper level!