Why Do Brains Resist or Run to Community Outreach?

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Ever wonder how your brain uploads new ideas? How it runs with wonder toward inspired ideas – or rejects renewal like bats reject sunshine? Or have you sensed brilliance that thrives just beyond your reach? Mindfulness JPEG

The brain holds secret paths toward new ideas such as combining learning+summer fun+giving as in these six refreshing stories. It often starts with a question.

Let’s say you ask:

What if my teens and their friends organized a cool community outreach over their break?

The idea now travels along awesome neuron paths that lie embedded in your brain such as …

1). Basal ganglia that stores all you have ever known or seen. Be careful here – because this part of the brain could stall you in ruts where you stay only with what you know.

2). Serotonin chemicals that increase well being and open opportunities. The thought of awesome new possibilities that come from community outreach will generate and sustain serotonin.

3). Plasticity that literally changes your brain to grow and develop based on acting differently –  much like these six stories of giving. Give - tpt

4). Working memory that holds new facts briefly while you apply and grow them. All that you need to build a new community will come to you through working memory if this is a new venture for you.

5). Cortisol chemicals that show why to run from fear, stress, anger and anxiety. Feeling stressed, anxious, or fearful as you step into your learning adventure. If so, the best way to reduce cortisol is to raise serotonin. Simply stated, have fun! Play with your plans until others join the celebration!

6). Amygdala that helps you build emotional IQ and fosters innovation. Calm your amygdala – when challenges arise – and you will store tamed reactions for all future challenges. Not a bad trade off you must admit.

What tools would you need to find and follow these secret mental paths into a community outreach that serves, learns and plays?

Capture1Ready to grow and develop new ideas for a new era? If so – you’ll want to start by discovering your own unique mix of intelligences as tools to begin! Survey your multiple intelligences FREE and improve one area of your life using one personal strength or talent identified in the MI survey.

Care to share your results?

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