(9) Can Working Memory Work for Seniors?

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Have you slammed onto ruts or slipped into any boring routines lately? If so do get ready  for a fun new adventure that involves our magnificent working memory! Let’s say we’d like to learn a new technology such as Instagram, or accept an invitation to propose a digital innovation. Regardless… Read more »

(7) When Seniors Lack Adventure …

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For Helen Keller, “ Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all.”  And it’s no surprise that Keller’s adventures tended to occur mostly outside in nature. When we think of seniors we know however,  do we think of risk, adventure and nature’s wonderland? Not so much,… Read more »



Our brains respond to fear by shutting down and so if we hope to sustain growth we may wish to address fears that could be holding us back. Certainly fear of dementia is one barrier to a sound, healthy brain, and yet so are other fears such as our  failure… Read more »

(5) Ageism or Amygdala Agility?

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Healthy choices are to the amygdala, what healthy food is to the stomach! We ignore our amygdala to our mental and emotional peril. As our brain’s vital processing center for emotions, the amygdala connects our emotions to other key brain abilities, that regulate memories, learning and our senses. An untamed… Read more »

(4) Where’d all Our Friendships Go? Long Time Passing…

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What if we imagine five qualities or habits we most admire in friends or family members. Then let’s consider one trait at a time from our list and become that characteristic. Since we tend to criticize in others what we lack or dislike in ourselves it only makes sense to… Read more »

(3) Depressed, Anxious or Stress-Free ?

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Even when depressed and down we are all still unique, and we each deserve unique approaches to healing depression that give us hope for a better future. Not that it’s easy, and at times it requires medications, therapy or both to help balance chemicals that work against wellbeing. Especially critical… Read more »

(2) Expect Kinder Retirement Possibilities

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Inner kindness is a majestic force that lifts us beyond barriers into happiness and helps us see life as it might appear with wonderful opportunities at any moment. When kind to ourselves  we set a magnificent mental and emotional stage to laugh more and celebrate life fully in every current… Read more »

(1) Retire into Loneliness or Liveliness

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Ever wonder why some seniors retire into loneliness while others run from retirement into liveliness    Blog February 18, 2024    Seniors who suffer from feeling alone, felt especially isolated during the COVID pandemic. Have you felt isolated or do you know retirees alone and without support as they leave their… Read more »

Retire Graciously or Voraciously?

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Do we lie about our age, or do others find inspiration from our maturity and mindfulness that come with a few wrinkles? Perhaps more importantly – can we laugh and glance lightheartedly at age and reality because it rocks for us? If so we’re likely the voracious seniors that Plato… Read more »