(16) Growth Mindset Hacks to Reboot Bonds Between Adult Children and Senior Parents

Problems between seniors and their adult children weigh heavily on some seniors who struggle to work through conflicting expectations and still retain close relationships. Times have changed, and yet a growth mindset helps us to understand both worlds and to do what it takes to bridge gaps with healthy bonds… Read more »

(14) Enter Namungo Family of Six!

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Namungos are fictitious characters with real brain parts. These little critters show us where senior growth mindsets stand, predict our ability to embrace challenges, build resilience, and thrive! Our senior brains hold remarkable tools to ensure we enjoy life to the fullest, in spite of traps that may try and… Read more »

(13) Hard, Soft or Smart Skills for Seniors?

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To move from a closed (or fixed) to an open (or growth) mindset is to develop and use smart skills to tame our brain’s amygdala as described below. Smart skills combine hard and soft skills to meet our daily mental and emotional problems with new possibilities. Each of Weber’s 5… Read more »

(12) Wonder How Some Seniors Snip Their Amygdala While Others Snipe Back?

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When we act kindly and when we run from cruelty we also tame our brains emotional control center by adding another dose of calm to our amygdala or mental mood center. Our emotions survive after memories vanish because we store these tamed or untamed emotions listed in the chart below… Read more »



Neurodiversity practices bring seniors’ benefits especially when engaged actively through imagination. Neurodiversity practices remind us that seniors experience and bring to life their world views in unique and significant ways! As we engage imagination, these differences can open new opportunities if we help seniors see their approaches as diverse rather… Read more »

(10) Mistakes as Seniors’ Stepping Stones

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If we seniors aren’t willing to be a bumbling beginner we’ll never likely become a magnificent master.” Treated as stepping stones, our mistakes become the hallmark of mental growth. Our basal ganglia (one of our brain’s memory systems) opens wonderful windows into past memories, mistakes and events on one hand,… Read more »

(8) How are Seniors Smart?

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Intelligence is not what most seniors were told – a fixed IQ number. Nor is our IQ defined by any percentage score on a paper-pencil test. So what is an intelligent senior? Let’s begin with interesting newly discovered capabilities in our brains at any age. Are you aware that we… Read more »

(7) When Seniors Lack Adventure …

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Risk taking need not require seniors to waltz into a bear cave in spring with a steak strapped to our foot. But why do so many seniors lament not taking more risks to enjoy fresh and fun adventures? And that begs the question, what do adventurous seniors have that bored… Read more »